Hunting for new surf guide

It was another early start this morning, as we all awoke to some light showers and light trade winds. The van was loaded and our in-camp DJ got everyone stoked for a day in the surf. Having checked Padang Padang we decided to head to Balangan to maximise our water time. As we arrived we were greeted by 3 ft perfection! We were all stoked so we quickly unloaded and headed to the local Warung. We kept the DJ beats pumping all through our surf. It felt like a surf contest sitting up at the Warung with beats and laughs all day long. Thanks to favourable tides everyone was able to surf them selves out, in uncrowded consistent little beauties! The sun stayed out for us all day and so we soaked up as much as we could. When the tide lowered we sat watching the afternoon roll in with some Bintangs and surf talk. Today was our Welsh surf guide Josh’s last day. He had a great surf this morning at Uluwatu. He’s been a great help at the camp and his infectious feel good attitude will definitely be missed. Were on the hunt for a new surf instructor at the moment. Surf all day and hang out the camp anyone?

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