Secret spot...shhh!!

Today we awoke to clear skies and the sun shining- usually it’s been a little dark and stormy the past few mornings. We enjoyed a long breakfast with pancakes, omelettes, jaffles and coffee. Today we had a late surf time of 11am so were able to ease into the day and catch up on laundry, reading, sleep etc. Once 11am hit we loaded up the cars and headed to our favourite secret spot which was ….. shhhh it’s a secret spot so we can’t tell you. What we can tell you is that the waves were good!! 2 foot sets that the beginners and their foam boards were frothing on. We headed down early to soak up the sunshine and the beauty of the ‘spot!’ We surfed into the afternoon and when everyone had had enough we loaded up the cars and came back home. This afternoon everyone enjoyed some good quality pool time and some bintangs, we also had a play on our other pool. Yes that’s right! Rapture now boasts a brand new pool table! Afternoons are now spent competing with each other in pool, with some serious skills being shown. After some good games it was time for dinner- prawn pasta, YUM! Then it looks like were in for yet another night out in Kuta! The party never ends at Rapture! Yeeeoowww!!

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