Padang Surf & Single Fin

Today the camp had another late start with a surf time of 10am. We had our pancakes, jaffles and French toasts and watched some surf DVD’s to get everyone in the mood. By 10am the cars were all packed and we were heading to our local break Padang. Once we climbed down the stairs and through the cave we saw the swell had slightly ‘disappeared?’ With it still being low tide there were no waves so we soaked up some sunshine waiting for the waves. Before we knew it there were clean 2-3ft sets rolling in giving some nice rights and left. Everyone got some killer rides in our first session this morning with some great photos of the guys on their waves. Everyone paddled in for some fresh fruit and we even had a few bintangs floating around! It was a few guys last day in Bali and they decided to start early and drank throughout the day. Everyone was chilling on the beach meeting and greeting new people. With Padang Beach being so small there is a really great atmosphere that goes on they’re with a small strip of sand filled with people from all over the globe! We all witnessed another gorgeous Uluwatu sunset before heading to dinner at Single Fin. Great night out and now ready for some zzzzzzzz.

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