Rains are here!

Today the camp awoke to RAIN! There was a heavy pour down this morning at breakfast and it was wonderful! There was first a mad rush to get all the blinds down and cushions out of the rain but then we soaked it up! It’s been so long since it’s rained and all grass and greenery needs a good watering. It’s definitely on the way to the rainy season and we are keen. Those early morning pour downs cool everything off for the rest of the day and greens it all up. We loaded the boards onto the car once the rain stopped and headed to our gorgeous secret spot. By the time we arrived at our secret location the rain had stopped and clouds were beginning to clear. Considering the swell has been predicted to be small for the next week or so we actually got lucky today. The swell was bumpy but there were nice 2ft left and rights and some bigger sets every now and again. We surfed twice enjoying the light cloud coverage in the middle of the day so we didn’t get too burnt! There are quite a few whiteys at the camp at the moment so sun protection and being sun-smart is a must. Barbecue night tonight and Josh is back in charge of the tongs….for now! Hehehe

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