Clean 3 footers all-round

Today the swell still had some size to it after yesterday giving clean 3 ft sets. On the mid tide Padang looked a little on the small side, but, once the high tide came in there were 3-4ft beauties rolling in. Our beginners today decided for a change of scenery, with some client’s last day surfing they wanted to surf other beaches and explore the island a little more. So we loaded up the car and headed to Balangan Beach where there were 3 ft clean sets rolling in from the point. The waves were big and did give a few clients a bit of doubt when paddling out, but with two instructors and a guide in the water they had nothing to worry about. Our guys guided them through to the perfect spot and lined up some great waves for them to catch. With a few clients going from soft-top to hardtop today they really got a grasp on the surf and became comfortable on their boards quite quickly. Our intermediates today surf East Coast with pumping 3 ft sets and glassy as with barrels everywhere. The old guns showing the young guns how its done! With everyone worn out from a good day of surfing we watched some DVDS before indulging in the famous Portuguese fish soup. Mmmmhhmm.

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