Beautiful Balangan!

Today the camp awoke to a few clouds hanging around but nothing like the pour down we got yesterday. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast of pancakes, omelettes and an alteration of jaffles and toast- the power was out this morning, but comments say they tasted even better. We loaded the boards on the car and headed off with one carload full and 3 motorbikes. Today Made and Kingy had the reigns as Samo had his day off. We were planning on going to our secret spot again but with a last minute word of swell picking up slightly we decided to head to Balangan beach. We arrived as the tide was still quite low, so enjoyed a mid-morning snack and coffee and chilled on the beach watching the advanced surfers surf in shallow waters. As the tide came in the swell was great! Clean as 1-2 foot sets rolled in with some biggies thrown in there every so often. The waves were peeling all the way along the bay from the point. Our mate Bretto stood up and was killing it today! He’s hooked now! Big smiles all round with everyone. Two fantastic sessions today and fingers crossed the swell stays the same or even better-gets bigger! Yeooow!

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