Swell has arrived!

Today the swell has FINALLY picked up. After a long ‘dry-spell’ with little to no waves we were blessed with the reports of waves in Padang. Still only small but we were stoked. There is predicted pulse coming somewhere in the next few days so were hanging on for the waves to increase in size. The past few weeks in Bali the swell has gone from 15foot to literally reading 0ft on the net. The last big swell that came through is said to be the last one for the year but you never know! That’s the real exciting part of surfing is you never know what the swell is going to bring you each day. With word of waves we headed to our well kept ‘secret spot’ and surfed clean as 2 foot waves all afternoon. The camp was dead quite this morning and thank god we didn’t have an early morning session as everyone had a big night out in Kuta last night. Some great stories from everybody today as we slowly began to remember the night’s happenings. There was a quick sunset session today in Padang as well. The waves were so clean it was glassy. Still small but hell fun on long boards and another stunning sunset at home beach Padang. Bloody bagus!


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