Surfing and... a kitten?

Today with the tide still being high in the afternoon the crew had the morning free to do as they pleased. We awoke to some cloudy weather and it was looking like rain. That didn’t stop the clients from enjoying their holiday. After breakfast they got on their scooters and headed to Nirmala to buy a bouncy ball to play with in the pool. Clouds or no clouds its still Bali and your still on holidays! The boys enjoyed some games in the pool while others watched DVDs and caught up on their holiday book reading. When surfing time came around we loaded up the cars and headed to Padang. With the swell being slightly bigger today and the rip stronger we decided to head to Jimbaran. Upon checking the waves in Padang, a client who happens to be a vet, was stunned when he saw a 2-week-old baby kitten walking across the road. He ran to rescue it and headed back to the camp to care for it. After cleaning the kitten up and giving him some milk and tuna he is now sleeping in their bathtub in the surf shack…temporarily! We already have three gorgeous cats that we love very much and are now looking for a home for the new fury client! Any takers? Hehehe

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