Padang sunset

This morning at the camp, with clients returning home from Kuta 6am, it was a little slow moving and quite. The keen intermediates were up to greet the partiers on their way out for a sunrise surf. The boys surfed Ulus while our guide Kingy tried out his single fin in Padang. Back at the camp breakfast was late with some sore heads sitting at the breakfast table. With the tide now low the morning was spent watching DVDs, some swimming in the pool and chillaxing. The intermediate boys surfed East Coast for the afternoon with no crowd and clean waves. Our beginners headed to Padang this afternoon where they had 2-3ft sets, a little on the messy side but still plenty of fun! Today the rip was strong and with the day being quite overcast the water was chilly! The session was like the rest of the day, a little slow. Hung-over surfing is quite good to watch. Some actually caught the wave and then just laid down as they rode it along, enjoying the ride! Plenty of photos taken and hangover aside, there was some great progress with some of the guys, catching green waves and riding them all the way in. We were able to surf well into the afternoon and catch the sunset on the water while surfing. Best way to end the day!

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