Early bird gets the worm!

Today it was back to the good ole’ 5.30am surf times. Some people love these early mornings, seizing the day before the sun is up, however, some people don’t. The numbers were a little low this morning with only one carload heading down to Padang beach. Today the swell was slightly smaller with 2ft sets rolling and some 3ft in between. The rip was slightly less intense and the waves were a little cleaner. The beginners had a ball this morning with wave after wave being caught. Crowd was not too bad either and there were plenty of waves for everybody. After we were all out of the water it was back to the camp for breakfast. Our intermediate boys had a slow morning, driving to the East Coast to check a secret spot and conditions not being right. However they got a great surf in this afternoon, 2 sessions actually in another secret spot. Woohoo! For beginners they had the day to relax and unwind and enjoy hanging out at the camp admiring how amazing our garden is! So green and lush and everything is blooming and fruiting at the moment! Fantastic! Session two for beginners was back at Padang where conditions were a little bigger. Bigger sets, stronger wind and current. No problem though, they still had a ball with two sisters catching a wave together! Woohoo! DVD and bintangs at the camp tonight then early to bed for an early start tomorrow! Zzzzzzz

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