Rains are here...swells nearly on its way

Today we had yet another early start at the camp with a surf time of 5.30am. There were a few clouds hanging around but thankfully no rain. Over the past few days we have had a major turn around of clients. Many leaving but also many arriving. Fresh new faces (most never surfed before) but very keen to get started. We drove to Padang to check the surf and there was barely a bump out there. We decided to head to Balangan beach where we had our fingers crossed for some waves. As we arrived we were the first crew on the beach and the sun was just rising. The swell has dropped off even further with only ripples rolling through Balangan. The swell slowly picked up a little as the tide began to roll out. We were able to have two full sessions and seeing as majority of our surfers are first timers it was perfect conditions. We paddled in for some classic Balangan breakfasts of banana pancakes and mango juices. We’ve been flat out at the camp- check out Rusty! Haha. When the tide was too low we came out and headed home. After unloading the boards everyone headed down to a few the many restaurants for a good after surf feed- the favourite being Mexican! Yum! Then home for some pool (the billiard kind) and some bintangs. Goooood day.

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