Surfing from sunrise to sunset

The day started at 5.30am for a dawn session at Padang. B E A Utiful sunrise while in the water. Best way to start the day is to hit the surf before the sun does then watch it creep on into the day. Back to the camp for a big breaky- pancakes jaffles omelette anything you want! Then we had another session at Padang going through till late in the afternoon. The sets were 1-2 metres, glassy and the water was as clear as anything. The beginners had a great time on the foam boards and everyone had a good laugh in the water. Crowded to start but as the afternoon rolled in the peeps rolled out and we had the waves to ourselves.  After a full day we headed back to camp for a well-earned dinner and a few beers. We have a group of boys heading to the world famous surf spot-Nias tomorrow for a 2-week surf safari getting all the info from our Nias local surf guide. The forecast for the next few days is improving with an increasing swell and the usual perfect offshores, we can expect to see the perfect Balinese reefs go off, hope to see you here at Rapture very soon….. high season is just around the corner!

Small fun long lefts

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