Swell has arrived!

The swell has FINALLY arrived! After a few months, since the big swell came through the waves just haven’t been the same. We’ve been waiting and waiting on some sort of reading that perhaps waves were coming- weeks past and still no swell but today was the day!! Padang pushed out beautifully clean 1-2 foot sets on the high tide and although there were long waits between sets, we were still so stoked to see these kinds of waves back in Padang. Even the clouds weren’t going to rain on our parade! We awoke this morning at 5.30am with some keen surfers ready to roll. We loaded up the car and heading to Padang where finally on the check of waves from the bridge we were satisfied with what we were seeing. We surfed one early morning session with the entire beach to ourselves. We then headed back to the camp for breakfast full of omelettes, pancakes and lots of coffee. It was then back down to Padang for a super big second session with barely any crowd and gorgeous waves! We had lunch on the beach at Padang then headed back to the camp for some afternoon snoozing. The pool table is becoming an afternoon delight for everyone- pool, beers, good company good times!

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