Sunday at Padang

Today we had yet another early start, rubbing our eyes and yawning at 5.30am. Some chose to snooze the day away while others were carpe diem’ing all the way. We had one full car load head down to Padang. From the bridge the swell looked slightly cleaner then yesterday with 2ft sets and few 3ft biggies every so often. As the tide was still not completely high we were worried as to how big it was going to get, with the rip still looking strong we weren’t sure. The decision was to have a quick surf session here, home for breakfast, then check the size after breakfast, and if it was too big we would surf Jimbaran. Our first session was great with some serious development from some of our guys, catching green waves, riding them down the face and carving it up! Photos to prove it! Back to the camp for breakfast and quick rest before heading back down to Padang for round two. The swell didn’t increase dramatically on the high tide and allowed us to surf another session here. Our intermediates and the whole camp ended up in the water and on the beach. Enjoying the Sunday fun vibe that Padang has to offer. The guys enjoyed the beach for the rest of the morning then came home to chill and relax. Sunday night barbecue with some fat beats and Aussie steak then its onto Single Fin for some binnys and dancing yeeeooww!


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