The Bukit

The southernmost point of Bali, where Rapturecamps is situated, is called the Bukit Peninsula. Also known as Semenanjung Bukit and (thankfully) commonly referred to as “the Bukit”, it means “hill peninsula”.

Bukit has a microclimate that is drier than the rest of Bali and has a rocky topography with steep ocean cliffs, providing stunning scenery especially on the east and south coasts. It is also popular with surfers and famous the world over for its incredible waves and beautiful, rugged nature.

Until recent years, Bukit was an undeveloped and very rustic part of Bali. It is still comparatively quiet and does not have the buzzing nightlife that exists on other parts of the island. The people who put Bukit on the international map were surfers, who are always exploring in search of the perfect wave. Following the surfers were tourists and with them came resorts, hotels and more modern conveniences. The beautiful nature and fascinating history have remained, but restaurants and internet cafés mean tourists will feel more at home, while revitalized cultural events and religious projects signify that while the peninsula may be modernizing, it is not simply becoming a playground for Western tourists.

photo by elvranharris (Flickr CC)

Recommended sites on Bukit include the incredible Uluwatu temple and the modern and very different – but no less impressive – Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park, with its massive 23-meter (75-foot) high statue of the Hindu god Vishnu.

The main attractions on Bukit are of course its amazing beaches. Names like Bingin, Dreamland, Padang Padang and Balangan are famous among surfers from across the globe. Many surf spots on the Bukit are quite high level and best suited for advanced surfers as they can be dangerous. That’s why beginners are advised to take advantage of local surf camps, surf schools and surf guides, which can provide important knowledge, lessons and expert advice!

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