Uluwatu temple

Rapture Surfcamp Bali is located on the Bukit Peninsula, which is the southernmost part of Bali. A small land bridge connects the peninsula to the rest of the island.

One place “the Bukit” is famous for is Uluwatu, site of some breathtaking cliffs and the well-known ancient Uluwatu Temple. Hanging over the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the sacred Hindu site dates back hundreds of years, since before the 10th century. It features esquisite black coral carved structures and a three-tiered pagoda situated at the cliff’s edge.

Traditional dance performances are held daily and the temple grounds offer spectacular cliff-top views so you can peer down at some great surfing breaks as you achieve inner peace.

Since this is a functioning temple, when visiting Uluwatu, one should dress modestly, in accordance with religious Hindu codes. In other words, don’t wear bikinis or just arrive shirtless in nothing but board shorts and flip-flops. Wear a proper top and throw on a sarong (you can hire one at the temple).

photo by muhd rushdi samsudin (didiz | rushdi on Flickr CC)

Uluwatu temple is also famous for its mischievous monkeys, who are very clever and are known to steal tourists belongings in order to barter them back in exchange for a piece of fruit or some nuts. So stay on guard or be prepared to haggle with a clever macaque.

Uluwatu is considered a must see and is a highly recommended sightseeing spot for tourists and surfers who want to do something cultural when they are not catching waves.

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